What are the Winterfest Shows?

Winterfest has two main shows. The Friday night show begins with a concert featuring a local band and finishes with an opening outlining the weekend activities. The Saturday night show is a variety show that features youth talent and a multimedia highlight of the weekend’s events. The Saturday show closes with an awards ceremony recognizing participants and winners of over seventy competitions.

How are the Winterfest shows produced?

While much of both shows is organized prior to the event, most of the production of the Saturday night show occurs throughout Friday and during Saturday events. A team of volunteer photographers and videographers capture hundreds of photos and video clips from all the activities. An editing team works Saturday afternoon to produce ten minutes of video and photo slideshow to be presented that evening.

Tryouts for youth talent are held Friday night, and several finalists are selected to perform during the show. Our staging, lighting, and sound teams work with the finalists Saturday morning to seamlessly incorporate the talent acts into the show. Winterfest is distinct from many conferences and presentations as the media production takes place during the conference, requiring extensive planning and a large volunteer production crew.